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Our most popular cook stove, now redesigned. Excellent quality and performance for a great price. Slick modern design with no fancy decorations for which you pay extra and don't increase performance one bit.

A well-established manufacturer (founded in 1906) in a cooperation with a German company crafts our cook stoves in the finest European tradition. The clean simple lines and porcelain finish make this stove stand out from the rest. Exceptional for baking bread and pastry, even distribution of heat around the oven eliminates hot spots.

Linda's Stove

Our cook stoves are very well known throughout Europe and many parts of the world for their high quality and specially for bread and pastry baking. They are designed to burn wood or coal without any modification. The biggest market is Germany.
The fire box is smaller then what the American market is used to, but it will hold the fire overnight no problem and will use less fuel than the old cook stoves. Remember, the old cook stoves were not even 30 % efficient, our cook stoves are minimum 78 % efficient, guaranteed. Our stoves are also air tight therefore less fuel consumption.
Don't mistake our low price for low quality. We are selling them lower then they are being sold for in Germany. There is no middle man between us and the manufacturer therefore we can keep our prices low. We do the importing.
My family in Europe have had their earlier cook stove model for 25 years and are still using it daily.
You will be very well pleased and surprised with the quality and performance of our cook stoves and you will enjoy them for many years to come.

Basic Features:

bulletDouble walled porcelain body ensures higher safety. Sides and front covers are fitted with air outlets, enabling more intense heat delivery and cooling of outer covers at the same time, so that the higher safety for handling is ensured.
bulletThe whole cook top is a cooking surface, not just few burners like most stoves.
bulletAir tight design
bulletAll handles and controlling buttons are made from heat resistant materials.
bulletPlates are made from special heat resistant steel with high resistance against heat and mechanical stress. They don't crack or bend even after many years of use.
bulletThe firebox is lined with high quality refractory mined firebricks and cast iron. The advantage of  firebricks is better heat delivery. The secondary heat is supplied  through the cast iron. Through this process better burn and additional burning of gases is accomplished.
bulletHot air is circulated up and down inside the stove, which accomplishes more efficient and better quality of baking. Temperatures are even on all sides of the oven - no hot/cold effect.
bulletCook top made from special heavy duty steal - better performance and longer life than cast iron.
bulletHas a damper that allows to direct the heat mainly around the oven or to the cook top.
bulletReversible flue: side, back or top exit.
bulletDouble glass oven door with a thermometer (Celsius).
bulletNickel coated and white handles and decorative strips

Dimensions & Specification:


Depth  24"
Width  34"
Weight 280 lbs.
Flue Size 5" round
Flue Exit Top / Rear / Side
Area Heated  up to 1000 sq. ft
Output  29,000 BTU/hr
Oven Size 13"W x 9"H x 18"D
Cooking Surface 3.7 sq ft
Firebox  9"W x 14"D x 9"H
Draft Control Manual
Efficiency  min 79%
Required Clearances 16" behind & side

Drawings of cook stoves with dimensions, flue exit and chimney connection

Accessories (included):
enamel roasting pan
enamel baking sheet screen
handling tool
cover for auxiliary exhaust opening

Replacement parts are available

1 year manufacture warranty from date of purchase

Okonom cooking stoves are DIN (Germany Inspection Norm) certified.




De Luxe white

$2990 plus freight

All prices are subject to change without notice

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